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Parking in city. Charging an electric car. Do it all with eParking!

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Park with eparking – easy on the pocket!

Pay your parking in cities with our application. We charge a parking fee + 0.39€ per parking.

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Become a user of our service today! Please find the instructions for using our service, controlling your parking permit, and eTolppa.


Charge your car with eParking

Charge at our public charging stations. Charging price starting from 0,12€ per kWh.

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Is parking arrangement a burden?

We help you to manage parking efficiently and easily. We price the service according to the number of parking spaces. Contact us!

About us

We have been developing better solutions for motorists for over 10 years. Our goal is to make everyday life easier and more digital. Read our blog and you will find out how to get a charging pole to home and how parking is digitized.

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eParking – parking made easy

We believe that digital parking benefits everyone. With our service managing parking is easy. Our service has all the essential functions in one service for the driver, property owner and parking control. The driver makes a reservation and pays for it and for the additional services in our service. The property owner sees the overall picture of the parking area and settlements are easily handled in our service. Parking control sees if a permit is valid. We offer our service as a turnkey service: everything is built as the customer wants. Watch a video from here

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Charging an electric car

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