New user instructions

New user?
New control tool for parking called eParking has been taken in use at your parking area. Potentially, eTolppas have been installed to your parking lot. eTolppa are smar remote controlled poles for heating a car and charging an electric car. You can control eTolppa in application or from the website. You must registrate to service. Registration and use of service is free, but owner of the parking lot may charge for parking space and additional fee for charging the electric car or using the space heater. Welcome to use eTolppa and eParking!


Go to address and registrate as a user. Registration can be done with Google account (click Google) or with HAKA account of universities. If you use HAKA, your information is transferred automatically to the service and you do not have to make separate account.

You must read the terms and appect them before registration.If you decided to make a new account and you have given your contact information, the system will send a confirmation request to your email address. To complete the registration, you must confirm the email address. If you cannot find the confirmation email, please check your junk email.

Booking of parking space

Log in from After you have logged in, you can apply for new reservation from tab “New reservation”. You can click yourself to the right place from the map or write your address to the search field. Click ’Nearby parking lots’, choose ’monthly parking’ and choose your area from dropdown box. Choose user group and send the application.

Applications in processing can be seen behind the clock button. Processing time is from 1 to 3 working days. If the process is delayed, please contact the administrator of the area (for example tenant manager). You will receive an email once the application is processed.

After approving the application, you will see the new parking area in the map. You might already have received the permit to control the parking space. If you have not received an email, please choose the parking area and click your space on the map or type the number of the space. Please reserve only the place which belongs to you. Fill in the opening application, accept the terms and confirm the application. At this point, you might be charged for the rent of the parking space or the charging/heating service.

Once the parking space is reserved (and paid), you can see it on left at “Own reservations” You can update your reservations from that tab. You can control eTolppa (if you have one) from timings. You will find instructions after you have logged in.

Remote control of eTolppa

Instructions can be found from the “Instructions” once you have logged in.

Manual control of eTolppa

There are two arrow buttons in eTolppa clock. Right arrow controls the socket on the right and left arrow controls the left one. By pressing the arrow once, you can set the end of timing. By pressing the arrow once again, timing moves forward in 15 minute steps. By pressing the button for long, the time moves faster. Timing is set by waiting for 5 seconds. After that the device goes to default mode.

  • Markings on the clock in eTolppa:

  • Zero at the lower edge: No active local timing.
  • One at the upper edge: Local timing set.
  • Time on the screen (does not blink): Time at the moment.
  • Time on the screen (blinks): End of timing.
  • Numbers on the screen: Timing is active. Time left can be seen as minutes (1-99) or as hours (2h-4h) depending on the time left. Two numbers on the left tell time left on the left socket and two numbers on the right time left on the right socket.
  • LOCK on the screen: the buttons of digital clock are locked. Administrator of the parking lot can lock the clock so that the eTolppa can be controlled only from the website or eParking application.
  • The set timing can be seen on user interface and changed straight from the website.
  • Digital clocks get real time from the internet so it is always on time. (summer and wintertime are updated automatically).
  • NB. For heating, always set the time of departure.