Welcome to our service eParking! We have collected instructions of using our service, controlling parking permit and using eTolppa.

eParking can be used in browser or with application. eParking application can be downloaded from Google Play or App Store. Our application can offer parking areas nearby if you allow location information.

Registration as a user

  • Register with an email you like or with Google account or university’s HAKA account.

  • Please read the terms and accept them before registration.

  • If you made a new account, you will receive a confirmation request to your email. The account is registered once you confirm the email, not before. If you cannot find the request, please check junk email.

Login mobile info

Permission to access parking areas

There are several parking areas to which a user can make a reservation only after applying a permission to use the area. User is identified to a correct user group with the application.

  • Press own reservations and add new reservations.

  • Please apply for a permission to access parking areas.

  • Find the parking area by address. You can also find it from the list “Parking areas near your locations”.

  • Choose the right area and user group. Send the application.

Processing time for the application is from 1-5 workdays. You will receive an email once the application is processed. You can see the applications in progress in own reservations. If the process is delayed, please contact the administrator on the parking area.

permission mobile info

Making a reservation

By reserving a parking permit, you agree to the parking conditions of the area, such as the period of notice.

  • Press Own reservations and add new reservation.

  • Application: Press Make a parking reservation.

    • Find the right area by address or from the areas nearby.

  • Browser: Find the right area by address or from the areas nearby.

  • Fill the reservation information and confirm it. Please make sure the enter right register number.

Once the permit if reserved, it can be found from reservations. You can update the permit there also.

Please notice that only a permit paid before payment deadline is valid. The deadline for payments varies in areas. An unpaid permit may result in a parking ticket. The payment requests can be found in application and in browser.

reservation mobile info

Paying the permit

The permit is paid in our service and it can be paid with several online payment methods. Payment request is activated 7 days before new payment period begins.

Fixed-term permit is paid once for the period of validity. Continuous permit is paid by chosen payment period. The period can be changed in own reservations. However, the period cannot be changed for existing payment request but for the next request.

eTolppa contract parking billing practises

Electricity will always be billed in the next billing period. Consumption and price will be sent to your email.

Continuing the permit

You can extend the permit in own reservations. Continous permit is not extended separately since it is valid after payment. Fixed-term permit must be extended by the end of the month witf precedes the last month of permit.

Terminating the permit

The permit can be terminated in own reservations. Press terminate. Termination time varies by parking provider. If you have to terminate the permit sooner and you have a reason for it, please contact our customer service Possible refunds vary by parking providers.

Register number

You can add and remove register numbers in own reservations. The user must enter correct register number because the parking control is based on scanning the register numberIn unnamed space only on register number can be active at a time. In named space all register numbers are active.


eTolppa is a smart car charging and heating pole which can be controlled both remotely and manually. Text ”LOCK” indicates that the pole can be controlled only remotely.

Electric consumption is invoiced in 5 euro payments. This balance does not have to be used in one parking. It can also be used for paying short-term parking. Pricing for electricity and use of eTolppa varies by the parking provider.

eTolppa in short-term parking

Our public charging stations are marked on the map of our app with a plug icon, as shown below. Our app will automatically show nearby public charging points.

  • Open eParking in application or browser.

  • Read QR-code from eTolppa or choose the area from the map and the pole number.

  • Choose charging or heating.

    • Please choose duration and end time for heating.

  • Confirm.

  • NB. in some areas you first need to apply a permission to access the area to be able to start charging os see different pricing.

short term charging mobile info

eTolppa in contract parking

  • Open eParking in application or browser.

  • Press reservations and your reservations.

  • Press timings and make a timing for a chosen date and time.

    • You can add one timing for several days and it is repeated on those days.
    • Please choose duration and end time for heating.

  • Confirm.

You may delete a timing by pressing it a few seconds.

eTolppa manually

There are two arrow buttons in eTolppa clock. Right arrow controls the socket on the right and left arrow controls the left one. By pressing the arrow once, you can set the end of timing. By pressing the arrow once again, timing moves forward in 15-minute steps. By pressing the button for long, the time moves faster. Timing is set by waiting for 5 seconds.

Markings on the clock:

  • Zero at the lower edge: No active local timing.

  • One at the upper edge: Local timing set.

  • Time on the screen (does not blink): Time now.

  • Time on the screen (blinks): End of timing.

Numbers on the screen: Timing is active. Time left is shown as minutes (1-99) or as hours (2h-4h) depending on the time left. Two numbers on the left tell time left on the left socket and two numbers on the right time left on the right socket.

LOCK on the screen: the buttons of digital clock are locked. Administrator of the parking lot can lock the clock so that the eTolppa can be controlled only from the website or eParking application.

The set timing can be seen on user interface and changed straight from the website.

Digital clocks get real time from the internet, so it is always on time. (summer and wintertime are updated automatically).

Possible errors with eTolppa

If you encounter an error with eTolppa, please check the following:

  • Residual-current device must be up. If the device is down, please lift it up

  • Please make sure that the cable is properly connected and functional.

  • Please make sure that timing is made for right date and time.

If these instructions do not help, please contact eParking customer service or call +358 40 653 8556. You can contact us by phone on weekdays from 9 to 15.