Updated 1st of January 2020

Terms of service

Terms of service

Use of eParking.fi service requires acceptance of the terms of service. These terms apply when IGL-Technologies Oy provides services in Finland. In the event of any discrepancy between the translations, the terms of service in Finnish shall prevail.

Responsibilities of user

The user must ensure that her permission is valid. The permit is valid only when it is paid for the certain period. User has the responsibility to pay the permit on time.

The user is responsible for providing current information when using the service. User is responsible for example for ensuring that her registration number is entered correctly and that the correct registration number is active. The user must ensure that the registered information is correct in the service. IGL-Technologies Oy is not responsible for any errors in registered information regardless the registration method. The user must follow parking restrictions and other rules that are set in the parking area. The user must not use the service while driving.

Contract parking

The user is responsible for paying the permit on time. Payment is made via service. The payment request will be active seven (7) days before the start of the new billing period.

The user may extend her permit in the service. Continuous contract is not extended since it is valid after it has been paid. Fixed-term contract must be extended by the end of the month which precedes the last month of permit.

Pricing is destination-specific, and the user sees the prices in the service. The user will be notified of any price changes.

Short-term parking

The user is responsible for the accuracy of the GPS location. The user selects the parking area on the map and is responsible for ensuring that it matched with the location of the car and the right parking area. The user is responsible for ensuring that payment card is added, and it is valid.

eTolppa for charging

When using eTolppa to charge an electric vehicle, the user must use only a compliant charging cord with a limited supply of 8 amps which corresponds to a charging power approximately 1,8 kilowatts. Using a right cord for charging is user’s responsibility.


All copyrights (including rights to software, code and algorithms) and other immaterial property rights (including trademarks and patents) in and to service are owned and licensed by IGL-Technologies Oy or its suppliers or affiliates. Any of these rights is not transferred to a user under this agreement. Use of this service or its contents for commercial purposes is prohibited. The user may not copy, distribute, sell, publish, transfer, borrow, modify or otherwise order or take any action for the software contained in the service. The user is not allowed to reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble or otherwise attempt to access the course code of the software.

The user must ensure that all information and possible material uploaded to service are free of harmful factors, source code and malicious software. The user is responsible for ensuring that the information uploaded or made available in the service does not infringe any intellectual property rights of third parties or otherwise infringe any laws, regulations or rights of others.


If the service is unavailable or malfunctioning, the user is responsible for paying for parking in some other way. The user is responsible for paying parking tickets caused by faulty parking or not paying for parking. Reasons that the service may be down can be such as poor internet connection or maintenance of service.

IGL-Technologies Oy will do its best to help the user in case of problems. IGL-Technologies Oy is not responsible for any refunds or paying parking tickets which arise out of the misuse of the service or that the user has neglect her responsibilities.

Age requirement

The user must be at least 15-year-old.

Checks and changes in content

IGL-Technologies Oy does not guarantee tha accuracy, perfectness or currency of the service. IGL-Technologies Oy may make changes to the contect of the service at any time without any notice.

Linked sites

IGL-Technologies Oy is not responsible for the content of the linked sites. The user accesses such sites at her own risk.

Changes in terms of service

IGL-Technologies Oy may revise these terms of service at any time without prior notice. The use of the service is subject to applicable terms and conditions.

Applicable law

Any disputes or claims relating to the service will be settled in accordance with Finnish law.


Our privacy policy was last updated on 19th of November 2021. It defines privacy aspects of our service. If there is any conflict between the translations, then the policy in Finnish applies.

Controller and contact information

Company: IGL-Technologies Oy
Address: Korkeakoulunkatu 1, 33720 Tampere
Business ID: 2304284-4
Email: info@eparking.fi
Phone number: +358 341089272


The service complies with all legal requirements to protect the privacy of the user. The privacy policy is a legal notice that describes how IGL-Technologies Oy may collect information from the user, how to share it and how the user may restrict sharing information with others.

Purpose of processing personal data

The user provides information to the service and it is collected. This type of information is collected for example when the user registers as a user and uses the account. Similar information is the registration number of the car and the street address of the parking place.

When the service is used to make purchases or transactions, related information is collected. An external gateway is used for transactions and no information of the payment method is collected.

List of information that may be collected:

The parking manager may also collect certain necessary information such as a phone number, company name or home address.

Gathering information about devices

Some information is automatically collected from the user's device when using the service.


Cookies are used to identify information about users of the service. Cookies are data that the browser saves to the computer or mobile phone. Cookies never contain personally identifiable information. The information is used to provide the user with the necessary material for the service. Most browsers can block cookies. Blocking cookies may affect on use of the service.

Data storing and privacy

IGL-Technologies Oy uses a German hosting service to store the data. Technical measures are used to protect the data on the servers.

IGL-Technologies Oy is committed to protect the personal data of the users. Personal data is protected by appropriate technical and organizational measures. However, no system is completely secure. There are various policies to prevent unauthorized access and unnecessary retention of personal information in our systems.

The password protects the user account, so the user is recommended to

Security Policy

IGL-Technologies Oy does not compromise with information security. We take our customers’ and stakeholders’ information security extremely seriously. We want that using our service is reliable and safe year-round at all times. Ensuring security is a continuous process and we work hard every day to make sure your information stays safe with us. We use a risk management system that helps us to recognize the risks and react to them immediately. OWASP ASVS standard is our framework for secure product development. In addition, we train our staff continuously for information security. The safety of your information is an essential part of our operations and we do our best to ensure that your information stays safe.

Site customization

The personal information provided by the user may be used to tailor the service to user needs.

Information may be shared with the service subscriber, partners, and third parties. Affiliates will only receive information necessary to provide the service. The use of this information is restricted and protected by the obligation of professional secrecy.

IGL-Technologies Oy does not sell, rent or otherwise provide personally identifiable information to third parties for marketing purposes.

Information regarding the parking permit and registration number will be provided to the local parking attendant.

The user's personal identification information may be shared with cooperating service providers, such as payment processors.

The service provider reserves the right to collect and use any non-personally identifiable information collected during user’s stay on the site and to include them in the internal analysis which the service provider conducts to improve the service.

How long the data is stored

Storing time of data depends on the type of data described below. At the end of the retention period, the data will be deleted or made anonymous.

Account information

The account information of the user is stored for the duration of account’s use and for up to six (6) months thereafter. IGL-Technologies Oy will store some user information for the purposes of legal compliance, dispute resolution, contract performance, business development or quality of service.

Information shared on the service

If a user account is deleted. some information may be stored for up to six (6) months to resolve disputed.

Managed accounts

If the service is available from the user’s organization (for example the employer), the user information will be retained for as long as the account administrator requires.

Controlling own information

There are different options for controlling stored user information. Below is a summary of these options, their usage and possible limitations.

The user has the right to request a copy of her data, to request termination of her data, to request deletion or partial deletion of her data or to request her data in a structured electronic form.

Viewing and updating user information

The service allows user to view and update some user information in the service. The user can update profile information in the profile settings.

Deleting account

If the user wishes to stop using the service, she must contact eParking support (info@eparking.fi) and request the account to be deleted.

Deleting data

If the user wishes to delete information stored about her, she should contact eParking support (info@eparking.fi) and request the information to be deleted.

Termination of data use

In some cases, the user may request the service provider to stop using, storing, using or otherwise processing their data if the user believes that the service provider is not authorized to process data. For example, in a situation where a user believes that a user account was created without the user’s permission or that the user is no longer an active user, the user may request the deletion of her account in accordance with this privacy policy. If the user gives the service provider permission to use the data in a limited way, the user can revoke the permission by contacting the service provider, but this does not affect the processing already done. The service provider may need time to complete the request. If there is uncertainty about the right to use user’s data during the request due to a dispute or delay, the use of the user data will be restricted until the request is processed or resolved, unless the account administrator objects.

Data portability

Data portability refers to the ability to receive data in a format that can be transferred from one service provider to another. Depending on the context, this applies to some but not all user information. The service provider will give information, such as account information in electronic format, upon request.

Giving information for legal purposes

In some cases, the service provider may be required to disclose personally identifiable information by law. This can happen:

Information will not be disclosed or transferred outside the EU and EEA.

Links to other sites

The service may contain links to other sites which are not controlled by the service provider. These may have their own privacy policies. These sites are not owned or controlled by the service provider. The service provider provides links only for the convenience of the user and also for information purposes. The user uses these sites at own risk. This privacy policy does not apply to external sites. The user should consult the privacy practices of other websites to see how they use personal information. These sites may also include links to affiliate sites. This privacy policy does not apply to affiliate sites. The user should also check their privacy policies.

Email policy

The service provider and affiliates fully comply with national spam laws. The user may at any time unsubscribe from the mailing lists of the service provider and/or partners. The service provider will not sell, rent or exchange the user’s email address to third parties.

Updating privacy policy

The service provider reserves the right to change this privacy policy at any time. Therefore, the user should check it frequently. If changes are made to this privacy policy, it may be notified by email or otherwise. Any other method is solely at the discretion of the service provider. As changes are made the updating date of this privacy policy will be changed. The changes will take effect on that date and will override previous versions.

The user can contact the service provider at info@eparking.fi


Digital products

The refund of digital products depends on the destination. You can check the situation from eParking support at info@eparking.fi

The user is advised to contact the service provider if they face problems with the service.


If the user has any questions regarding the refunds, the service provider can be contacted at info@eparking.fi